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Family Learning is inclusive learning that involves adults and children from the same family unit working together in a variety of settings.

Partnerships are formed with schools and children’s centres across Sandwell where parents/carers can engage in learning that helps them to understand how their children are taught, as well as providing a chance to share ideas with other parents and develop their own skills. The courses help parents to work collaboratively with their children in order to develop their confidence and widen their skills. SAFL can provide the following courses:


Paediatric and Adult First Aid

Parents using a baby mannequin as part of first aid training

This course is ideal for parents, guardians, grandparents and anyone who would like to learn basics of first aid that relates to both adults and children.

The course is designed to develop and practise first aid skills. Parents/Guardians will be taught to the required standards in order to deal safely, promptly and effectively with an adult or child with injuries or illness, which occur in the home, workplace or community.

It is 14 hour course for adults, over 19 years old.. Learners will receive a Sandwell MBC SAFL in house certificate that will be valid for three years. There is a course fee of £5 for those with children currently attending a Sandwell school, other wise the course fee is £29. 


We also provide a 2 hour introductory workshop called Paediatric and Adult First Aid AwarenessFind out more

If you are a school interested in hosting a Paedaritic and Adult First Aid course for your parents Click here

Keeping up with the children

Our Keeping up with the children provision is designed to give parents/guardians the skills to support their children in 3 key areas of learning. Click on the images below for further information.

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If you are a school interested in hosting a Keeping up with the children course for your parents Click here

Reading with your child

A 7.5 hour course offers parents/carers the opportunity to work with their children to develop their reading skills and improve their confidence when reading.  It will also help you to learn about how your children are taught in Sandwell schools and how to support them. 

The objective is to reinforce understanding of phonics and secure lines between speaking and reading, but most importantly to develop personal confidence when reading.

You will be encouraged to attend regularly.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Help your children to recognise initial letter sounds.
  • Help your children to read CVC words.
  • Ask your children questions to develop their reading skills.
  • Be able to talk about books with your children.
  • Personal targets will also be agreed.

Click on the image below for further information.

Two parents reading with their child

If you are a school interested in hosting a Reading with your child course for your parents Click here

Sow and Grow

This course is for schools or groups to offer to their parents or network. The course will be run and managed by Sandwell Adult and Family Learning service at your venue so that your members can study and attend at somewhere they are already familiar with and able to travel to. 

This course offers parents/carers the opportunity to work with their children to develop the knowledge and skills to grow their own fruit and vegetables at school and at home.  It provides the opportunity to enjoy learning together through a range of gardening activities. 

Click on the image below for further information.

Children working in a garden

If you are a school interested in hosting a Sow and Grow course for your parents Click here

Family Learning Festival

Family Learning Festival Logo
The Family Learning Festival is a national celebration to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life. It takes place in October every year.  Learning as a family can help us to become confident, lifelong learners with all the benefits that brings - from better health to being happier. Family learning supports children to achieve at school. It can be transformative, helping us to find new passions and interests, and realise our aspirations through further learning.
SAFL organise events throughout the festival in a variety of locations within the Sandwell area.  Click on the image below for our upcoming events.
Children playing with a teacher
The Festival is co-ordinated by the Campaign for Learning, the national charity that aims to build a culture of learning everywhere.   For more information about the national event  Find our more