How do I enrol?

For any upcoming courses please register your interest here. A member of the administrative team will be in contact to complete the enrolment process and to get you onboard once your enquiry has been received.

When you come to enrol on a course, you will be asked to complete a Learner Enrolment Form and Learning Agreement.

You should also bring with you:

  • Your Learner Number and one piece of evidence showing your current address (if you are an existing learner)
  • Personal Identification to show your Name, Address and Postcode, Date of Birth and Telephone Number (if you are a new learner)
  • The Course Fee (if applicable) 

Course Fees

Sandwell Adult and Family Service (SAFL) is funded by West Midlands Combined Authority, through the government Adult Education Budget Fund.   This enables SAFL to fully fund many of our courses. 

West Midlands Combined Authority Logo

For those that aren't there are concessions available subject to status.

Fees and Concessions  
Fully Funded Co-Funded (A course Fee will be charged)
Legal Entitlement Entry Level and Level 1
English & Maths up to and including level 2 Aged 24+yrs and employed
First Full Level 2/3 learner aged 19-23yrs Level 2
Essential Digital Skills up to and including level 1 Aged 19-23yrs and employed
Entry Level and Level 1 Aged 24+yrs and employed
Aged 19-23yrs Concessions
Aged 24+yrs and unemployed 60+yrs (50% Concession)
Level 2 On Universal Credit (100%)
Aged 19-23yrs and unemployed Employment Support Allowance (100%)
Aged 24+yrs and unemployed  
Low wage entitlement & Level 3 FCFJ   
Individual earning less than £30,000.00 per year To receive a concession proof of income must be seen

How course fees are calculated

Course fees are calculated based on £4.00 per guided learning hour plus any registration/examination fees.

You must pay your tuition fees, exam and/or registration fees in full at the time that you enrol on the course, unless your employer has agreed to pay, in which case you must bring in a letter on company headed notepaper with details of exactly what your employer is authorising us to invoice them for.

e.g.  Tuition Fees - £220.00 plus Registration Fee £20.00. Total £240.00

You may pay by cash, cheque or credit/debit card. On courses where the tuition fees are high, we may be able to arrange for you to pay in instalments. Ask the tutor, or enrolment clerk.

General Information

Absence and Lateness

If for some reason, you cannot make it into college to attend your classes or you know you are going to be late, please call 0121 557 0837, or contact your tutor. Please tell us the reason for your absence, and when you think you will next attend.

Learner Handbook

You will be issued with a learner handbook at your course induction.  An electronic version is also available by clicking the download button.



Finding Childcare? Sandwell Family Information Service (FIS) provide free, confidential, impartial advice and guidance on all aspects of childcare and hold the details about the full range of childcare providers including Childminders, day nurseries, nursery schools and preschool playgroups in your local area.

Progression in Arts and Crafts Provision

Arts and crafts tools and materials   Women creating a flower arrangement  Artist palette and paint brushes

How does arts and crafts provision work?

Sandwell Adult and Family Learning offers arts and crafts provision in the following subject areas:

  • Painting and drawing
  • Sewing and textiles
  • Crafts
  • Flower Arranging

You are able to develop your skills at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each of our courses provide individually contextualised learning dependant on your current skills. Courses are planned to run in terms 1, 2and 3 of each year and as a SAFL learner you can request to enrol on these courses for a maximum of 3 years.

Next Steps

Once you have completed 3 years of study you will be supported by our staff to identify your next steps. These could include:

  • Joining a local club

  • Progressing to accredited provision with another college or training provider

  • Progressing onto a SAFL course in a different subject.

Our team are here to help find the best possible progression route for your learning and can provide information, advice and guidance at any point in your studies. 

Online Courses

SAFL Online learning logo

Here at SAFL, we are committed to making learning accessible to everyone across Sandwell and the West Midlands Combined Authority Area. That's why we have invested in bringing many of our courses online so that you can study in the comfort of your own home. 

This means we can now offer "blended" and "online classes".

  • "Blended" classes will involve a mixture of classroom-based lessons and then lessons where you study from home. This means 1 week in the centre studying with a tutor and the next week joining the class online or completing self study from home.

  • "Online Courses" will come in 2 forms. 

    • ​Self-study - Courses where you study at your own pace supported by the online materials, enrolling at any time; and

    • Supported Study - Courses will be supported by a tutor, limited to a maximum of 20 people, have a set start date and will need to commit to around 2.5 hours study a week for each course. There will be some set class times to begin with as part of our induction process. 

We really mean it when we say, "Putting the power of learning in your hands". You can now study with us from a computer, tablet or even your smartphone as well as studying with us in our classroom-based courses. 

Initial Assessments

For some courses you will be required to have an interview and take a initial assessment to ensure your skills are right for successful study at this level.

How to book an assessment

To book an assessment please contact your preferred centre using the following numbers.

Tipton College - 0121 557 0837

Hateley Heath FETC - 0121 556 7426

Ron Davis Centre - 0121 555 6255

Initial assessments will be taking place during the follwing days:

Tipton College Hateley Heath FETC Ron Davis Centre

Tuesday 16th July 

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm


Monday 15th July 

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm

Tuesday 6th August 

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm

Wednesday 7th August 

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

Monday 5th August 

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm

Friday 9th August 

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm


Thursday 8th August

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

Tuesday 3rd September 

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm

Wednesday 4th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

Monday 2nd September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm

Friday 6th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm


Thursday 5th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

Tuesday 10th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm

Wednesday 11th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

Monday 9th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

4:30pm - 8pm

Friday 13th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm


Thursday 12th September

9am - 12pm

12:30pm - 4pm

What you will need to bring on the assessment day:

  • Valid passport, driving licence or resident ID card
  • National insurance number - for employability and qualification courses
  • Proof of current address (This cannot be a mobile phone bill)

Additional Documents

  •  Previous certificates or qualifications
  •  If claiming a concession please bring benefit letters (dated within three months) or most recent bank statement.


Please ensure that you make your own childcare arrangements beforehand.

Safe Learning at SAFL

You have a right to be safe. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our learners, stakeholders, staff and visitors.

If you think you are being harmed or abused by another learner, a member of staff or visitor you should report this as soon as possible. Tell a trusted member of staff what is happening or contact any of the SAFL Safeguarding Officers

        Safeguarding Officer                    Lead Safeguarding Officer                      Safeguarding Officer

Lisa Espionsa

Safeguarding Officer

07896 803297

Tonia Green

Lead Safeguarding Officer

07855 516680

Sian Breese

Safeguarding Officer

07854 684168


You can read our full safeguarding policy here.  Download

For tips, help and video tutorials for staying safe online see our Esafety Hub

Here are some links to local services that you may find useful:

Term Dates

Autumn term 2024
Term starts: Monday 2 September 2024
  • Half-term holiday: Monday 28 October 2024 to Friday 1 November 2024
  • Term ends: Friday 20 December 2024
  • Christmas holiday: Monday 23 December 2024 to Friday 3 January 2025
Spring term 2025
  • Term starts: Monday 6 January 2025
  • Half-term holiday: Monday 17 February 2025 to Friday 21 February 2025
  • Term ends: Friday 11 April 2025
  • Easter Holiday: Monday 14 April 2025 to Friday 25 April 2025
Summer term 2025
  • Term starts: Monday 28 April 2025
  • May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 5 May 2025
  • Half-term holiday: Monday 26 May 2025 to Friday 30 May 2025
  • Term ends: Tuesday 22 July 2025

Information, Advice and Guidance Services

Information advice and guidance services are available to all learners and all potential learners.  We aim to provide high quality, timely and relevant guidance to ensure that all learners make an informed choice and succeed on a course most suitable to their needs.

Information Advice and Guidance appointments can be made at all three of our main learning centres by contacting;


Tipton College Hateley Heath Centre Ron Davis Centre

Tipton College

0121 557 0837

Hateley Heath FETC

0121 556 7426

Ron Davis Centre

0121 555 6255

We offer

  • Information, advice and guidance on learning and training opportunities
  • Support on choosing the learning or training route which is best for you
  • Information on how to apply for a course and the entry requirements needed
  • Guidance to help you identify your career goals and interests
  • Information on course fees and other costs associated with the course
  • Guidance on the opportunities available to you after completing your course, including further employment and higher education
  • A brief written summary of the guidance interview, outlining the action points agreed

You can expect

  • Friendly, courteous staff who listen to your needs
  • To be treated with respect, with consistency and fairness
  • Up to date, accurate and accessible information
  • Information on courses available to you
  • Access to individual, impartial, unbiased advice and guidance
  • Highly qualified and experienced guidance staff

What do we expect from you

We ask that you treat SAFL premises, staff and other users of the service with respect.  If you have an appointment and are unable to attend, please notify us to rearrange or cancel an appointment.

SAFL welcomes enquiries from all and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity both within the service and the wider community.  If you have a disability, or problems that affect the way you use our service, we will be happy to discuss the best means of helping you.

To view our Information, Advice and Guidance Policy:  Download

Useful links:

Job Vacancies

Are you on Twitter? Hear about our job vacancies first by following @SandwellJobs

You can also view Sandwell MBC vacancies, Find a job and Vacancies in the Public and Voluntary Sector by visiting        

Learner Voice - Let Us Know What You Think

We welcome your views and want you to be involved more. You may be asked to fill in surveys and take part in discussions about your course. SAFL collects feedback from learners by:

  • Learner voice questionnaires to feedback about the course and the service.
  • Learners’ views leaflets for comments, compliments and complaints.
  • Impact forms.
  • Learner forums.

If you would prefer to give your feedback anonymously, there are white post boxes located in the reception area of each of our three centres, to post your feedback.

Discovering Adult Learning

I discovered SAFL (Sandwell Adult and Family Learning).  This is a perfect environment to start your adult education.  This service is offered to adults 19 years and over who live in the Sandwell Area.  It is friendly, welcoming and makes you feel at ease.

Currently I am studying Maths, English and ICT.  This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and obtain your grades to move onto better employment, for a better future.  Not only can you obtain better grades for Functional Skills, doors seem to open up in different avenues to jobs, CV writing and even to new hobbies.  So much advice and guidance is available.  You are spoilt for choice.

The importance of adult learning in my opinion is that it really does help create better career opportunities.  I would also say it’s a great support to help with mental health.  Learning something new at SAFL in a social environment helps make life and your world a much better place to be in. 

Marie Mills - SAFL Learner 2024

Learner Comments

Speech bubbles showing feedback from SAFL learners

Responding to Learner Feedback

Learners felt they needed additional study time to complete homework task and practise the skills they have learnt We have introduced ‘learner zones’ into our centres.  This will enable learners to book into a session, staffed by one of the tutors, where they can use the classroom facilities to study or practice their skills.

Learners requested healthier options in the centre tuck shops to take into account learners with conditions such as diabetesAll of the tuck shops will be stocking a selection of sugar free drinks and healthy alternatives to chocolate such as cereal bars.

Learners requested that we make better use of social media to advertise our services – You can follow SAFL on Facebook, @SandwellAdultEd, Twitter @Learnsafl, LinkedIn @SAFL Learning and YouTube @SAFL Learning.  

Learners have expressed concern about the performance of our classroom IT equipmentWe have refurbished all of the computers in our classrooms and have installed Wi-Fi to provide better internet access.


Raising a concern

Getting it right - if you need to raise a concern...


Diagram of the SAFL Complaints Process


We hope that you enjoy learning with SAFL and wish you all the best in your learning journey!

Sandwell Adult and Family Learning Terms and Conditions 2023

  • I confirm that to the best of my knowledge all information provided is complete and accurate.

  • I confirm that I am fit to participate in the course and have read and understood the Learning Agreement.

  • I agree to inform Sandwell Adult and Family Learning Service (SAFL) of any changes to my details or circumstances which may affect my eligibility for discount.

  • I confirm that I have received appropriate information and advice before enrolling. This has included information on the course requirements and an assessment of my suitability for the course.

  • I agree to abide by the rules as set out in the SAFL Learner Handbook and agree that I will attend classes regularly, on time and that my conduct will be appropriate at all times.

  • I understand that fees are not refundable except where a course has been cancelled.

  • I understand that SAFL will not share any data with any third party unless it is deemed an emergency.


PDF Version available Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for a course?

In short you need to be aged 19+ and have been an EU/UK resident for at least 3 years for us to provide fully or part funded courses to you. However, there are some exceptions to this rule so if you don't quite fit that may not be a problem. Get in touch  here and our staff can see how they can best support you and getting you onto a suitable course.  For our skills courses such as English, Maths, ICT and Business administration it is also required that you haven't already achieved the full level 2 qualification previously. i.e. Grade 4-9 / C-A* at GCSE Level.  


What will I need to bring with me when I enrol? 

In order to enrol you will need to bring proof of any benefits (if applicable), any previous certificates of learning, a form of identification and a form of payment if you are paying for the course.


Do I have to pay any course fees?

Many of our courses are fully funded by the West Midland's Combined Authority. Meaning, there would be no cost to you. For any that do have a cost it will be detailed in the "Additional Costs or Fees" section of the course description. For all courses that do have costs we also offer concessions on those fees. There is a 50% reduction to those aged 50+ and a 100% reduction for those in receipt of certain benefits. If you are unsure just get in touch here.

For the Academic Years 2023-2024, fees have been maintained at £3.50 per guided learning hour. 

Fee discounts/concessions will apply as follows:

  • Employability /English/Maths courses are free of charge up to level 2.
  • Essential Digital Skills courses are free of charge up to level 1.

For all other courses/programmes:

  • In receipt of Job Seekers Allowance. (100% Discount)
  • In receipt of Universal credit.  (100% Discount)
  • In receipt of Employment Support Allowance (Work Related).  (100% Discount)
  • Learners aged 60+ will be entitled to a fee concession of up to 50%


What do I do if I need adapted resources or support with my learning?

You would first need to let someone know and you can do this by speaking to any member of the team regarding your individual learning needs. Alternatively, you can get in touch here.


What is a Function skills level 2 equivalent to? 

Functional skills qualifications are recognised GCSE alternative qualifications with a Level 2 being equivalent to a GCSE grade 4-9 (C-A*). These are useful and often required for employment, university or further study. 


What online courses do you offer?

You can explore our full range here . We offer our online courses either "Online" or "Blended".

  • Online Courses are available in 2 forms. 

    • ​Self-study - Courses where you study at your own pace supported by the online materials, enrolling at any time; and

    • Supported Study - Courses will be supported by a tutor, limited to a maximum of 20 people, have a set start date and will need to commit to around 2.5 hours study a week for each course. There will be some set class times to begin with as part of our induction process.

  • "Blended" classes involve a mixture of classroom-based lessons and lessons where you study from home. This means 1 week in the centre studying with a tutor and the next week joining the class online or completing some pre-set work. In the weeks that you are studying from home you will be sent online videos on the topic to be covered and will either be provided with the work to complete electronically or by paper (this is to help those who may have some barriers with using ICT). 


What do I need for online courses?

You would need an internet connection and a laptop, pc or tablet to best use the service. Don't worry if you don't have Word, Excel or Publisher because we will provide you with a Microsoft 365 account whilst you are studying with us completely free of charge. 


Will I be safe?

Here at SAFL we are committed to ensuring that all our learners' time with us is healthy and safe. We take this responsibility very seriously and you can read our Safeguarding Policy for more information which is under the Safe Learning at SAFL drop down at the top of the page. e have also put together guidance and support on how to stay safe online including how to set a secure password. 


Is adult learning really for me?

We know that deciding to take up a new course to study can involve some complicated decisions about what course to choose. That's why we have Information, advice and guidance trained staff that can help. They take the time to understand what you want to achieve and give advice and guidance on how to get you there and who are the best people to support you, even if that is with another organisation. 


I'm an employer. How can you help me?

Here at SAFL we understand that flexibility is required in our approach and that collaborative working is how we achieve better. We can respond to your needs for training and development in IT, business administration, management, leadership as well as specific industry-focused vocational training in health & social care, children's care and learning for development. We are always looking for opportunities to expand and support local employers.

If you are an employer and would like to refer staff to us then please email us at [email protected] .


If you are an employer and have a specific training need then email us at [email protected] and we can work on putting something together for your team. The course may even be fully funded so there wouldn't be a cost to you or your staff.  


Alternatively, you may wish to consider reaching out to our partners at Think Sandwell who can help find work and training opportunities in the borough at [email protected] .