You said, you would like clearer directions to each of our sites.

We did, we have added a new page to the website called Find Us and have embedded interactive maps on the page to allow everyone to instantly get directions to our centers whether they are walking, cycling, driving or taking public transport. 

November 2019


You said, learners expressed a need for better signage at our own centres to distinguish them apart from the school sites.

We did, we have been working hard on our services branding and will be purchasing new signs for all our centres in the early part of next year.

October 2017


You said, learners at our Hateley Heath Centre have asked for the tuck shop to be more accessible to learners.

We did, A selection of snacks will be made available in the main reception office to enable learners' access to the tuck shop throughout the centre opening hours.

September 2017


You said, you would like an additional Maths course on an evening.

We did, set up a new Maths course at the Ron Davis Centre in Smethwick. Maths will now take place on a Thursday evening to accomadate learners with daytime commitments.

September 2017


You said, Limited car parking had become a big issue for learners attending Tipton College during the last few months.

We did, Management at Tipton College created space for seven car park spaces, for use by Tipton College learners only with new signage.

January 2017