Subcontracting 2017-2018

Sandwell Adult and Family Learning (SAFL) wishes to commission provision to support local voluntary and community sector organisations to deliver learning opportunities to targeted priority groups of residents. Any organisation that receives funding from SAFL will be classed as a subcontractor.  Our targeted priorities for 2017-2018 are outlined in the presentation below.



Important update. Subcontracting Main Grant 2017/2018 - is now closed.



Release of the 2017-2018 Community Learning offer

12th March 2018

Invitations to submit applications for delivery to commence October 2017

12th March 2018 – 23rd March 2018

Notification of results from Project Appraisal Panel

29th March 2018

Contracts awarded


WC 9th April 2018

Application Process for the Partnership Delivery 2017 - 2018

All applications for funding will be received using the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council procurement process. If you are interested in submitting an application, please complete an application form available from the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council procurement web page

To access the full specification and application form, organisations will need to be registered on the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council procurement system

Key Dates: Applications

Please note: Applications will be approved subject to sufficient funds being available. Projects can be short or long but all activity must be completed by 30th June 2018.

Adult Skills Programme Specification and Guidance 2017-2018

Learner Fees Policy

Our courses are subsidised by the Skills Funding Agency. The fee quoted in the prospectus or on our course finder, is the learner’s contribution towards the cost of the courses. We are aware of the current economic situation and many of us will be affected by changing circumstances. In these difficult financial times we believe that our competitive fee pricing compares very favourably with other colleges and learning providers in the area.

Tuition Fees are based on £3.50 per guided learning hours.

In addition, some exam-based courses may require a registration fee and/or exam fee. For some practical courses you may need to buy some materials or tools.

Fee Discounts and Remission

Fee discounts for those on JSA/ESA/Universal Credit or active benefits will apply. Literacy and Numeracy courses including Family Literacy Language and Numeracy throughout the service continue to be FREE.

See our Policy Document below for full details

Information to download

Supplier Charges - Skills Funding Agency Subcontractors

Learner Fees Policy 2017/18

List of delcared subcontractors 2017/2018