Finding a Job Online - Online Course


Course Details

This course is designed to improve digital skills in the workplace.  A beginner IT course to help with basic computer skills and use of the latest SMART technology.  It will build confidence, using a computer, tablets (iPads) and Smartphones in a relaxed and friendly environment. The course covers how to get started on a device and will cover online job searching, filing applications online and taking part in interviews through an online platform.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course.  However, before you can join this course you will be required to complete an initial interview and assessment to ensure the course is suitable and identify that you have an adequate level of English. It is important that learners attend all classes, as not attending reduces their ability to achieve on the course.







Start Date

End Date


Online Course** Any Day 1pm - 3pm 02/03/2021 30/03/2021

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The benefits of this course

Completing the course will improve and strengthen the skills and confidence needed to use digital technology both in the workplace and home.



All the classes are run by a qualified and experienced tutor.   Learners will be expected to contribute to the class on occasions where there may be some group work. It is important that learners attend all classes, as not attending reduces their ability to achieve on the course.


How will progress be monitored and assessed?

Learning targets will be agreed with the tutor at the beginning of the course, learners will contribute to a learning diary and produce an evidence booklet along with many practical and on-line assessments. Progress will be observed and assessed during each session.  Regular feedback will be provided by the tutor. 



You will receive a Sandwell Adult and Family Learning Service certificate of your achievement. 

After completing this course, could I progress onto another course?

Your Tutor will discuss your next steps during and towards the end of your course and suggest further qualifications that may be appropriate. We also have I.A.G qualified staff who could advise learners on progression and other opportunities.


Are there any additional costs?

There are no fees for this course if you are unemployed, and other concessions are available 


Equipment Required

You may wish to have a note pad and pen/pencil. Any materials you need for the course are provided by us.

For online you will need access to a laptop, pc, tablet and an internet connection.