Important information for Functional Skills Learners who started with us in January 2020

Our Service Manager has an announcement regarding Functional Skills courses that started in January 2020 with ourselves. 


In Brief - 

We are writing to you regarding your Functional Skills qualification to give you an update. We understand that these past few weeks have been very unsettling for you, with the announcement that SAFL has closed temporarily and that assessments and exams for this summer have been cancelled.

We are working to ensure that you are treated as fairly as possible and that you can continue your studies and take your exams so that you can progress onto the next stage of your education or work.
Based on the limited number of guided learning hours that you have completed and the evidence from your work and achievements on the course so far, it will be necessary for you to return in September 2020 to complete your course so that you can take your exams.
Exams will be held in October 2020 (For ICT), December 2020 (For Maths/ICT) and January 2021 (English).

Please get in touch with the curriculum leaders for the subject if you require any help or assistance.

Emma Secker
07775 016549

Diane Pope


Emma Turner

See the full letter here.

Creator: Scott L
Published: 23 June 2020