Learner Announcement - Functional Skills Grades

The examining body City and Guilds have made an open letter to students informing them of how their functional skills courses are being assessed in the wake of the Covid-19 disruption. 

In short here is the highlight -

"For each of the different elements of your Functional Skills assessment, eg reading, writing, speaking, listening & communicating or mathematics, your learning provider will be required to submit to City & Guilds the grade that they believe you would have been most likely to achieve if teaching, learning and assessment had continued under normal circumstances. This will be based upon what they know about you, along with your work and achievements on your course so far.

In order to determine your grade, teachers/tutors and assessors have been asked to take into consideration a range of activities such as practice or mock exams, partially or fully completed assignments, your performance in homework or other set work and tasks as well as general progress on your course. Your grade will be approved by the Head of Centre or Principal of your school or college before it is submitted to City & Guilds.

Please don’t ask your teachers/tutors, assessors or anyone else at your school or college to tell you the grades they will be submitting to City & Guilds. We have asked your learning provider to keep this information confidential until City & Guilds has completed its quality assurance checks and is able to confirm and release final results to your learning provider.

Results should be released by City and Guilds by the end of July 2020. 

See the full letter here.

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch at contact_safl@sandwell.gov.uk 


Creator: Scott L
Published: 18 June 2020