Local musicians wanted

Here at Sandwell Adult and Family Learning we are committed to helping the residents of Sandwell not only with their learning needs but in any way we can. We have 3 sites that we operate from and then work with many community partners and schools. This academic year alone we have worked with nearly 150 outreach venues. We are part of Sandwell Council and funded by the Adult Education Skills Budget. 

We are taking the next leap ourselves to become more digital and one of these steps includes production of videos to share across our Website and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram account. 

When producing these videos, we thought we would ask the wider community if they wanted to be involved. Whether an established musician or aspiring we are interested in supporting everyone. 

Our Offer: Come along with us on this exciting ride, we would like to use your music on some promotional materials and in return you would fully be credited and referenced in any material we use. What's better is you can choose how we reference you. whether it be your YouTube, Soundcloud, Website, Facebook, Spotify etc. 

Please remember we are government funded and not a profit-making organisation. The material produced would be to increase enrolments on courses to raise funds that would be reinvested in teaching materials, new teachers and new equipment. By growing as a business, we can help more people in Sandwell, develop our centres and increase the courses on offer. 

So, if this is something you may be interested in then get in touch and let's see how we might be able to help each other. 

Email: Contact_SAFL@sandwell.gov.uk

Creator: Scott L
Published: 16 June 2020