Good News Story

Syeda Aisha Abuzar had only been in the UK for a short while when she enrolled on English course with Sandwell Adult and Family Learning (SAFL). Aisha started at Entry level 3 and progressed quickly to Level 1 on our fast track course; she had achieved all of this within eighteen months.

She has now been offered a scholarship and been accepted on to a Foundation Degree course in Media Studies at the Birkbeck University of London, where she plans to commute on a weekly basis as she enjoys living in Sandwell.

Talking about her time with SAFL Aisha said, “It was an immense honour for me to be part of Tipton College, that endeavours to raise the bar of academic excellence. I am boundlessly grateful for my teacher who’s invested and dedicated herself so selflessly in replenishing all the deficit in me that was hampering my progress and resurfacing my understanding over the language with increasingly refined comprehension. I feel I can continue to build myself endlessly”.

“For someone who was barely able to vocalize herself to being someone who’s now able to communicate, interact and improve herself on the foundation which was laid by the phenomenal teaching and involvement of my teacher is something I couldn’t ever have imagined for myself. This self-growth and improvement has impacted every aspect of my life”.

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Creator: Shaun Honeyghan
Published: 01 October 2018