Starting From Scratch IT.


Course Details:

This course is for anybody with very little or no IT skills who wish to learn the basics. During this course we will go right back to basics and understand many functions of IT from turning computers on and off, to using the Internet and email. This course runs with different delivery patterns e.g. for one day a week for a maximum of four weeks or over a number of days per week; the attendance pattern will be explained to you.


Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.






Start Date

End Date


Ron Davis Centre



Ron Davis Centre



Ron Davis Centre



Hateley Heath FETC



Hateley Heath FETC        


The benefits of this course

The course is designed for job seekers and anyone who has no or limited prior experience of using a personal computer and keyboard.   You will learn the very basics of using IT in a safe manner, starting with turning computers on, logging in to the computer system, logging off, various components of a computer, accessing the Internet and using search engines, setting up email, sending and receiving emails.



You will attend all the set classes under instruction of a qualified and experienced tutor and gain practical experience on an individual basis.   You should feel comfortable and confident enough to make a contribution to the class on occasions where there may be some group work.


How will progress be monitored and assessed?

You will agree your learning targets with your tutor at the beginning of the course. You will contribute to your own learning diary and your progress will be observed and assessed during each session and you will be provided with regular feedback by your tutor.





After completing this course, could I progress onto another course?

After completing this course you may wish to progress onto further classes.  Your tutor will be able to advise you further.


Are there any additional costs?



Equipment Required

No particular equipment is required.  You may wish to bring a notepad and pen to make your own notes.   You will receive some handouts and reference material to provide additional help and support.