Accredited Employability Skills Course


Course Details

This course is designed for adults who want help to gain Employability skills; there is a qualification and certificate that can be gained in connection with this course.  It is a 6 day course from 09:30am in the morning to 14:30pm in the afternoon, 3 days in week 1 and 3 days in week 2. It will support learners with Online-Job search, CV’s and Application forms along with help on how to plan, prepare and participate in a mock interview after which the students will be provided with feedback on how they have performed.  The course will also look at barriers, motivation and money management issues in relation to the introduction of Universal Credit and will also look briefly at the way to disclose a criminal conviction if you have one..

The objective is to reinforce understanding of Employability skills through vocabulary, secure links between speaking, reading and writing, paying attention to conventions of spelling, grammar and punctuation.  But most importantly developing personal confidence to ‘have a go’ at developing the skills required to successfully re-enter the workplace. 

Learners will be encouraged to attend regularly.  They will be working to develop their skills in Employability and progress from Entry level 3 to level 1.

By the end of the course learners will be able to:

·Job Search effectively on line, fill out applications and create or update a CV along with being able to prepare, plan, participate in and review performance in a mock interview..


Entry Requirement

You will need to provide evidence that you have any of the following:

  • Been a resident of the UK for the past three years.

  • Proof of immigration status

  • Are related to a child in a Sandwell school e.g. parent, carer, guardian, grandparent, aunt or uncle.

  • Be assessed at Entry level 3






Start Date

End Date


Ron Davis Centre


Please contact 0121 557 0837 to register

for your initial assessment




Tipton College


Please contact 0121 555 6255 to register

for your initial assessment




Hateley Heath FETC


Please contact 0121 556 7426 to register

for your initial assessment


The benefits of this course

Learning in a supportive environment, away from the demands of normal family life, where professional teaching, differentiated for individual need, will support understanding, progression and individual achievement.  This class will enable you to explore Employability in an informal way, learning alongside other adults sharing guided conversations designed to improve skills in Employability.  You will also be able to find out about other available courses.   



All of our teaching and learning is provided in an environment that is exclusive to adults; this is supportive and safe and where professional teaching is individualised to the requirements of each learner, individual progression in learning is the goal. Learning support will be provided by the tutor. Teaching is through practical activities, group work and discussion. Work will be marked and commented on by the tutor with guidance to help you to know how to improve.      


How will progress be monitored and assessed?

Your individual learning goals will be agreed at the beginning of the course and recorded on your individual learning plan.  The ILP will be used throughout the course to assess your progress.  The tutor will assess your learning during the sessions and will provide you with individual feedback.  You will be asked to provide feedback of your learning experience via a questionnaire.



This is an accredited course. The NCFE Award in Employability certificate will be awarded to you at the end of the course, when you have achieved your learning outcomes.


After completing this course, could I progress onto another course?

There are English and other courses available if you are ready and feel confident to progress onto another SAFL course, further Employability skills or for example maths, ICT.


Are there any additional costs?

There are no fees charged to you. Your course fees are paid for through the Educational Skills Funding Agency, which is government funding.


Equipment Required

Writing paper and a pen