Work Ready (Course)


Course Details

This course is for anybody wishing to gain further skills in various employability skills. This course will be covered over five sessions (combination of mornings, afternoons or full days- please contact the centre for further information) and will be covering interview techniques- how to prepare for an interview, journey planning, personal appearance, answering common interview questions and competency based interview questions, and put these skills to the test in a mock interview. We will also be covering editing CVs, how to complete application forms and how to boost confidence.


Entry Requirements

All learners must have completed an Initial Assessment at one of our centres prior to enrolling on the course.






Start Date

End Date


Ron Davis Centre


Please contact 0121 557 0837 to register

for your initial assessment




Tipton College


Please contact 0121 555 6255 to register

for your initial assessment




Hateley Heath FETC


Please contact 0121 556 7426 to register

for your initial assessment


The benefits of this course

You will be encouraged to make positive contributions to activities such as problem solving. You are encouraged to develop communication skills using information technology and in verbal contributions to discussion topics. You will also develop your skills in interview techniques, completing application forms, editing a CV, and boosting personal confidence before taking part in a mock interview.



By attending classes under instruction of a qualified and experienced tutor. Using discussion, group work, paired work and individual work, by seeing, hearing and listening and most of all feeling comfortable and confident enough to make a contribution to the class.


How will progress be monitored and assessed?


You will agree your individual learning targets with your tutor at the beginning of the course. In addition to this your work will be assessed and feedback given by tutors at regular intervals in the course and at the end of the course.





After completing this course, could I progress onto another course?

After completing this course you may wish to progress onto further adult learning classes.  Your tutor will be able to advise you further.


Are there any additional costs?



Equipment Required

Learners must have a paper copy of a CV or an electronic copy of a CV that they can access from the centre.